Finding, training, and deploying a qualified nation-wide technical staff is challenging. We know because we’ve already done it. Delivery, installation and commissioning is often just the beginning. Our trained staff are experts in proactive service, regularly perform time critical repairs and warranty service, and scheduled maintenance designed to prevent issues and avoid or eliminate down time. With our nationwide team of skilled technicians, Tri State can be your “boots-on-the-ground” to quickly, and efficiently perform tasks, and fulfill your contractual responsibilities for most any high tech product, service or system in the field. Acting as your field service arm, we customize programs to suit the needs of your business and your customers.


Working closely with our customers, our team can quickly “ramp up” for a program or incident, rapidly gaining the understanding of our partner’s products, services, complex electronics, and the network(s) on which they operate. With roots in Digital Cinema, manufacturers like Christie, NEC, Barco, Dolby and many others have relied on our technicians to perform mission critical field deployments & repairs for a decade. Both remotely, and on site, our team will communicate with our partners to install, commission, coordinate logistics and perform on-site tasks or repairs.

Tri State helps our partners to deliver their promises, and in most cases, this creates a huge operational savings.


Purpose built systems, engineered by solution providers and resellers can be very complex. Design, drawings, signal flow, and overall functionality can prove challenging to even the most technically savvy. Our method of tailoring each program to your needs ensures that our services are performed at the same level, and with the same standards as one of your installers, technicians or field engineers. Additionally, we understand the importance of your customer’s perception. Tri State collaborates with you to define the expectations, requirements, and SLAs that your situation needs. We strive for perfection, so that the entire process is executed with the highest level of professionalism.

For information on our business to business field service offerings, please contact our VP of Business Development Riche Stanley